Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MY FM HSBC Flaunt It!

Last two weeks ago, the same Sunday on Mother's Day.. I had the biggest shopping spree ever.. That day, me and baby had our Mother's Day Celebration at one of the steamboat restaurant in Sunway Mentari.. so before we head to the restaurant.. we dropped by Sunway Pyramid to look for baby's outfit for his sister's wedding.. so we head straight to TopShop.. cos I think there is the best place to get formal outfit's for his size.. and the cutting there suits him much better.. so he went and try on all the vests, working shirts and slacks.. but initially, he plan to just get the vest only.. but he need to try on with the rest in order to see whether it looks good or not..

and when we were about to pay.. came the manager and ask us if we have a HSBC credit card.. and I quickly answer to him that I have one.. I thought he was probably gonna give us some discount or something.. cos this is what I normally get when I shop with HSBC credit card.. the manager then guide me to the counter and introduce me to this guy.. he's name is Jason, a DJ from MY FM.. and then he told me that they're having this contest right now.. we can purchase anything with any amount with the HSBC card.. and we're eligible to participate.. so baby just choose a pair or socks which only cost RM13..

after settling the bill and everything.. the DJ told me that now I have 60 seconds to grab anything in the shop worth RM 1000.. and I was like.. huh? RM 1000? and he said yes.. I stoned there for a while and the next second I was jumping in glee.. remember earlier that baby tried on all his outfits? he already knew the sizes for his.. and one of the promoters was really good.. he took all the right sizes and just allocate them at one place.. so all I have to do is just run to that place and grab that whole bunch.. I took in total of 7 items.. 2 bags.. one for my mum and one for myself.. the rest 6 items is all baby's.. he had his vest.. 2 working shirts.. a slacks.. and a tie..

and the bill came up to RM 1175.00.. and all we have to pay is RM 175.00.. and that RM 1000 is subsidise for us!!! my mum has been eyeing on that bag for a long long time.. so now its a great Mother's Day gift for her.. and I took a purple bag for myself.. my birthday present to myself.. after that, we settle the bill.. sign some contract.. and we head back to the restaurant with a big smile on our face.. it was a really lucky day for us..

I Love TopShop..

I Love HSBC..

I Love MY FM..


Chin Jou said...

oh wow that was really lucky of you XD

Kaelynn said...

OMG GILER BABI YOU ARE SO DAMN LUCKY!! hahahahahhaa just hope i don't rob you babe! :D muahahahaha!

c H ε R i ə B з R я Y said...

Chin Jou: yeah man.. i was really really lucky..!!!

Kae Lynn: yeaps.. i was giler babi lucky that day.. and my bag is purple in colour.. muahahaha.. don;t rob me pls..!! go rob my bf.. he got more things than me.. :p