Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pre-Birthday celebration with one of my besties..

On Thursday, after my meeting with the MQA people.. I head down to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with my babe for a pre-early birthday celebration.. it's been a while since I saw her and Jamie.. so mie, hope you'll come down soon and we're gonna go celebrate again! =) went around walking with sum.. and I bought some stuff for myself.. a new dress and a new purse.. we wanted to watch What Happens In Vegas.. but there were only 3 slots for that movie.. next, we walked around and decided to dine it at Michelangelo's Italian Kitchen..

outside Michelangelo's..

at new wing Pyramid..

we dine here..

the environment was quite cosy..

I had passion fruit soda..

Fish and Chicken combo..

she had lasagna..

love the gift so much babe!

thanks for your time.. love ya!

the food at Michaelangelo's Italian Kitchen was just alright.. the price is quite reasonable.. but the food portion is really small.. we ordered the main course but the portion was more likely for a appetizers or a start on.. If you want to try to dine in there.. I suggest to go for the pastas instead.. cos the others are not in their specialities..

Got to go now.. tonight another birthday celebration at home.. with some of my relatives and some close friends.. will be back with that soon.. toodles!

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