Tuesday, May 20, 2008

movies week..

I've watched Iron man and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian this week.. been really lazy with work.. I did not even touch a bit at all.. haha.. screwed! this Thursday is MQA's meeting.. and how unfortunate that I was chosen to be part of it.. I hate interviews.. cos its all fake.. we have to say all the good things about the COLLEGE.. about the LECTURERS.. and about the COURSE of course.. cos if we don't then I am sure we have to bear the consequences.. felt so cheated and black mailed.. s0 back to the movies..

Iron Man

Rating: A+

Storyline was good.. action scenes were great.. and with loads of comedy script in it.. not to forget the graphics were really good.. and its a must watch in the cinema..

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Rating: C

I was sleeping throughout 1/3 of the show.. the talking parts were really boring.. I only woke up when they started fighting.. and I actually watched it at the cinema.. so its a waste of time and money.. just watch it at home.. so you can skip the boring part and head to the fighting scenes..

p/s: next must watch movie would be, Hellboy, Indiana Jones and Hancock.. heard Speedracer was good too..


Avante said...

If you are a visual effect admirer, Speed Racer is an eye candy!!

that's the critique said ;)

c H ε R i ə B з R я Y said...

hey there avante.. yeah, I've heard about the Speed Racer.. and I'm definitely gonna catch it! =)