Thursday, May 29, 2008

My first Puchi Petite Collections!

Just when I thought everything was getting rough.. that donkey came and surprise me with this.. knowing that I was disappointed cos he never show me anything at all.. so I guess he read my complain post yesterday.. but either way.. he's forgiven.. cos now I have these to play with.. =)

a three story..

The Merry Strawberry Collection!!!

and it's a complete set!!!

with all the 10 boxes!!!

already going insane at this point..

and ta-daa!!! he even bought me the casing for this..

Set 1: Much-Loved Chocolate Fondue Set..

Set 2: Let's Make Strawberry Pudding Set..

Set 3: Strawberry Room Set..

Set 4: Strawberry Kitchen Set..

Set 5: Strawberry Tea Party Set..

Set 6: Strawberry Picnic Set..

Set 7: Strawberry Garden Set..

Set 8: Strawberry Breakfast Set..

Set 9: Strawberry Television Set..

Set 10: Strawberry Dresser Set..

and this is single set of a new collection..


p/s: thanks baby for all these!! It must have cost bomb.. but who ask you to bully me on my birthday in the first place? :p weeeeee!!! I'm so happy now.. Loving it!!!

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