Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hawker's helper seeking used panties for luck?

Apparently a donkey-ass man from Singapore was willing to fork out RM 690 to buy a worn and unwashed panties in hope that it would change his luck.. he actually called up the press asking where to get those panties after reading a report from a 18 year old student selling worn and unwashed undergarments in Singapore..

What's in the world today? I was hoping that year 2008 would be a better year ahead without all these nonsense around.. and what the hell? people actually willing to buy a worn and unwashed panties?? why not I sell you mine.. with period stains on it.. even better for luck..


and you can save it till Chinese New Year.. I bet you will be the King of Gamblers in Singapore.. tsk tsk.. typical kiasu-ness from a Singaporean..



small potato said...

indeed..i will be auctioning mine too wif bird flu stain..wonder anyone will bid 4it..?? =P

c•H•e•R•i•e said...

LOL.. yeah man.. I bet ours will be the hot selling one..