Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy 25th Birthday Sis!!!

November is the month of birthday celebration.. from close friends to family members.. and not to be missed, today is my sister's 25th birthday.. she still look as thou she's 18 years old.. she is someone who burns midnight oil playing Nintendo DS.. burns off her salary by buying all her collectibles.. eats corn like a little rabbit.. smokes like a chimney.. either way, she is still someone very dear to me.. someone who never fails to listen and to give advice.. someone who will never stop bullying her younger sister.. on and all, I love every little bits of her.. hope you will have a great birthday and hope you like the gift that I bought for ya.. *hugs & kisses*

went and dine in at MidValley's Chilis..

we had Chicken Fajita..

Fish & Chips..

some Mexican fried rice which tasted really good..

Chicken wings..

Here are some of the random pictures that I took at The Gardens..

Random 1..

Random 2..

Random 3..

Random 4..

the 'Oculus' in the Garden..

and before I forget.. Happy Belated Deepavali!

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