Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shisha in the house..

been really busy with assignments lately.. thanks to me who has been procrastinating after the interim cut presentation.. thanks to such good and supportive lecturers who gave comments.. seriously hating most of KBU's IAD lecturers.. anyway, to due to such stress-ness baby decided to invent his own Shisha bottle.. though it might look unrepresentable.. but it definitely works.. cool eh?

his Shisha bottle invention..

preparing the foil for the paste..

putting the paste onto the foil..

the paste ready to be smoked..

we had the grape flavour..

the donkey preparing the charcoal..

charcoal on the foil..

and now the donkey smoking it away..

and eugene smoking it too..

P/S: Due to some circumstances.. names has been censored.. cos these people wants to keep their so-called reputation at work.. LOL.. but I did censored already what.. though it might still be readable to most of you.. haha.. oooopppsss..

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