Friday, March 14, 2008

Men are retards from Mars!

Why men are retards from Mars? or its better to be said that MOST men are retards from Mars.. they are only two valid reasons why they're retards.. because all they know is the 2 G's.. and what is the 2 G's?

2 G's = Games & Girls

They will be using 2/3 of their entire day indulging in their so called whatever games that will so called make them release their stress.. so that they can work better and they some how grew so fond with it till they don't even have time to spend with their another half.. they can't even spend 1 hour to accompany us to the mall.. uh, whatever!

They will be using 2/3 of their brains thinking about girls.. but not thinking about their gf.. and when they are caught looking at girls.. they will say "she looks familiar" or perhaps "I know her wan la!" and what more if they were caught watching porns.. "I was just trying to learn" learn what? learn to get AIDS perhaps? WTF!

I bet after this post there will be some male readers who will comment damn hell alot of things about me.. so, go ahead.. cos this is my blog and its not yours.. ughhh!! I HATE MEN!!! I wanna go to a ANTI-MEN planet!!! earth is already suffering enough.. plus men? its getting worse.. kill you 2 G's.. kill you!!!

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