Wednesday, March 26, 2008

it is all about respect..

Love is about trust.. but love is also about being respectful to one another.. if one does not respect the other.. then it is no longer a reason to be together.. I am not saying that you're cheating on me or have been cheating on me.. but I am just saying that you are being disrespectful to me.. knowing how much hatred I have on that.. and hence, you kept doing it.. probably to you it is not a matter.. but it does affect me.. and when it does affect me.. it affects our relationship as well.. just put it this way, you told me that there are certain things that you're not fond of me doing it.. and if I kept on doing it, will you like it then? I bet you won't.. and once you have said, if I continue doing things that you dislike me doing.. then it will jeopardize our relationship.. so now, it's the same that applies.. I feel you're not respecting me.. you don't even listen or have the heart to remember whatever that I have said.. will you die by not doing it? it is not even an essential thing.. so why do you have to keep doing it? you think I am making a huge fuss about this.. and I don't have to go around and tell people what you have done.. but I just want to state this down that I hate you doing that.. I feel offended and I despise it badly.. and if you have to keep doing it.. then it will certainly jeopardize us.. and this is the last time that I have to repeat saying it to you..


if you don't keep this in mind.. I bet nothing else I say ever will..

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