Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year Peepz!

hey people.. I would like to wish you all Happy New Year!!! time really passes so fast this year.. through ups and downs.. through thick and thin.. but either way.. the old ones will be going away really soon.. and let's welcome 2008 together.. a new year ahead.. anyway, where will you people will be going tonight? let me guess.. most of you will be heading down to the city for fireworks.. or probably head down to a club to get drunk.. but if you guys are tired of getting stuck in the city and watching fireworks in the car.. or getting sick of being packed like a sardine in a club and getting slashed from all the liquor prices.. I have an alternative for you all..

head down to 7 sports cafe or more well-known as Club 7.. there will be an in house DJ spinning for the night.. countdowns with party packs.. lucky draw will luxurious prices to be given out..
2 Nokia hand phones and cash price of RM1,000.00.. and the best thing is cheap prices for liquor and beer.. 2 buckets of beer going out only for RM 70.00.. and liquor prices from RM350 onwards.. and it's all BUY 1 FREE 1 from vodka to henessy..

so drop down to Club 7 today and you will be assure with no traffic jams.. a comfortable place to hangout.. and of course pool games and Foosball to entertain you away.. see you there! =)

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