Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

2008 seems to come and go in a flash.. Many many things happened.. I finished my studies in Interior Architecture & Design.. I flew to Phuket for my back then honeymoon trip.. I took a big step in my career.. Working life is nothing like what I've expected.. It was tough.. Really really tough.. But thank god, I'm still surviving till now.. I've experienced and learned a lot.. And I'm awaiting much more to come..

I've ended my relationship with Alfred.. And it was not a regretful thing that happened.. If things are not going the way that I wanted it to be.. It's better to end it now than later.. I've got to admit that I'm a selfish person.. I can't afford to take out so much love for someone.. And not getting back what I'm expecting.. You were a good friend.. Just that I was not good enough for you.. Your family were great.. I love them so much.. But, I'm just much more happier with my life now..

And then it comes a new person in my life, Joshua.. And we're in a relationship now.. I've not known him for long.. But we get along really easily.. He treats me really well.. As for his career is much more flexible, he has much more time to accompany me.. I no longer stay at home alone just waiting for someone to be back.. He fetches me to and back from work almost everyday.. We spend our weekends catching up all the new movies.. He bring me to different malls each weekend.. And we would indulge in all different yummy food each month.. The most important thing is my family loves him..

The only thing that lefts me pondering still is Tiffany and my group of friends.. I do not know why and I do not know when we started to be like this.. Everything went well till I broke up with Alfred and started off with Joshua.. Remember how you used to tell me that if Alfred's not good.. just leave him.. There will be a much better guy out there for me.. Then you introduce Joshua to me.. You've been telling me all the compliments about him.. You even told my mum that he's a good guy and ask her not to worry..

Now when I'm finally with Joshua.. You all turn you back against me.. I've tried calling you so many times but you will not answer my calls.. I've text you a million times and you will never reply me.. I've known you for so long.. And I really do not know why you wanna do this to me.. I thought you will understand me.. You know all the pain and hurt I've went through when I was with Alfred.. Now when I have the courage to leave him, you were no longer supporting me..

I missed your birthday bash.. I missed all the outings and yumcha session together.. I missed Mun Kay's Wedding.. Anyhow, enough said.. I could not clap with one hand.. I've tried my best talking to you and finding out what's wrong.. But you just turn you cold back against me.. So since you choose to take side.. I've no rights to stop you.. If our friendship is this fragile to you, I have nothing else to say.. Tiffany, just to let you know.. I did not give up on this friendship.. I'm still holding on to it..

I hope 2009 will be a better year ahead for my life, my career and my relationships.. Happy New Year Everyone!


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