Thursday, December 25, 2008

Massive World was not Massive at all..

Went to Capital Square for the Massive Worldwide Rave last Saturday.. and it sucks big time!! if it's not for Cosmic Gate I won't even bother attending it.. anyhow, the set-up was pretty simple.. thanks to those existing structure if not they will not even have a level up DJ Console..

Anyhow, just wanna do a quick survey here..

Will you guys pay bout RM 90 - RM120 for a rave ticket inclusive of 4 drinks?

And will you attend the rave if The Chemical Brothers is coming to town to spin?

Let's say the rave is by end of April 09, and Tiesto will also be spinning in another rave before Chemical Brothers or after Chemical Brothers.. will you all still bother to attend both?

Your feedback means alot for a upcoming really MASSIVE RAVE PARTY!!! Thanks!!!

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