Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Charlie's Birthday Bash at Frames, TTDI Plaza..

It was Charlie's Birthday Bash at Frames, TTDI Plaza yesterday.. he booked the entire restaurant for his birthday.. Frames is a very interesting restaurant.. the have alot of picture frames for display in their restaurant as part of their deco.. it really did suit their name.. and their food was really good.. Charlie's birthday cake was extremely yummy!!!

TTDI Plaza..

Baby & Me..

Cafe Frames..

Charlie's Birthday Autograph Book..

my birthday message to him..

The deco in Frames..

Picture frames..

Charlie's Birthday Surprises..

There were lighted ice cubes in each of our glasses.. and we gave Charlie a birthday toast with the lights off.. it was a pretty sight!

Charlie the Birthday Boy & Me..

Baby & Me in Frames..

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

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