Friday, October 24, 2008

Bar Club with the boysss...

Went to Bar Club for the second time.. with the same old boys and of course with a different crowd.. did not hang around for too long cos I was dead tired.. but still, I have to go cos its been too long since I last meet these people.. pretty nice guys.. and at least they're people who can really be friends with.. rather than those who just disappear and giving hell loads of excuses too me..

You've been giving me too much hard time.. and I have no time for your nonsense anymore.. I do not have time to spare to think about this.. you wanna stay this way.. then go ahead.. it will no longer affect me.. I do not need these kinda people to survived.. I just need true friends.. and now I already know who's in and who's not.. thanks for making things so difficult.. I'm out from this game.. =)

anyhow.. here's the birthday boy..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Me & Brandon with Ah Boy being foolish behind us..

Ah Boy & Me..

forgotten to take a picture with Adam.. anyway, it was nice meeting with you guys again.. I had fun and I miss hanging out with you all!!! must go out more often k? and Brandon, please study the map and find ways to come to Damansara.. haha.. :p

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